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(Established by K. L. Trust)

Approved By All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi
Affiliated to Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education, Roorkee (UBTER)

Campus Rules & Regulations for the Students

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Every student shall abide by the Rules and Regulations of the college and maintain good discipline with sound attitude and behave well with the management, staff and others in the college throughout his / her period of study. The Principal reserves the powers to fine, suspend or even expel a student from the College / Hostel in the interest of the institution under disciplinary action. Once the action is taken by the Principal, it will never be revoked under any circumstances. No influence or pressure will have any effect on the College or Hostel authorities in this regard. The verdict of the Principal and the discipline committee will always be the final judgment in the matters of discipline.


Everyone is encouraged and expected to be punctual. The college starts at 09.15 a.m. in the morning and closes at 4.15 p.m. in the afternoon. The hostel students should leave the hostel campus by 08.50 a.m. The mess will function as per the following timings: Breakfast - 08.00 a.m. to 08.45 a.m. Lunch - 12.30 p.m. to 01.00 p.m. Supper - 08.00 p.m. to 09.00 p.m.

Dress Code

All students should wear only formals dress and dress should be neatly. Every boy should tuck in his shirt and put on only shoes and not slippers. Jeans and short shirts are not allowed. Every girl should wear Churidhar with ‘V’ shaped Dhupatah. Girls should wear cut-shoes and not slippers Dress Code to be followed in the lab / workshop Physics – Chemistry – Computer - Electronics – Electrical and Basic Workshop. Over Coat and Leather Shoes.

Attendance & Leave

We insist on a minimum of 90 % attendance for the theory classes and 100 % attendance for all the labs (Practicals). Leave letter with parent’s signature for one day or leave availed accompanied by medical certificate for one day will be considered. But being absent even for one day without prior permission is not at all appreciated.

Leave Regulations

Anyone who wants to take leave should use the prescribed leave letter form All the leave letters should be forwarded through the HOD and addressed to the Principal. One Day Leave: If anyone wants to avail leave, the leave letter should be submitted positively on the previous day or on the day of leave with the parent’s signature. Two Days Leave: If anyone wants to avail two days leave, the leave letter should be submitted on the previous day itself if the leave is premeditated. When leave is taken on medical grounds, it has to be informed to the Staff-in-Charge of the attendance on the very first day of leave over phone. When coming to the college after recovery, the leave letter along with Medical Certificate should be produced by the parent in person and it will not be accepted if it is sent through someone else. Three Days Leave & More: If anyone wants to avail three days leave and more for family, religious, cultural and communal functions and rituals, the parent of the student must contact the respective HOD and explain the significance of the necessity for taking leave. If the HOD is satisfied with the explanation given, he/ she will recommend the same to the Principal to grant leave. If a student needs leave on the advice of the Physician, he/she can contact the HOD regarding this and the HOD will recommend the same to the Principal to grant leave. Caution: If anyone breaches this rule on the basis of ignorance or indifference, that student will never escape the punishment due for him/her and the case will be seriously dealt with.

Visiting Hours

No visitor or guest is allowed to meet his / her ward during the college hours. In case of emergency, the visitors should get the permission of the Principal to meet their ward. The visiting hours are between 5.00 p.m. and 07.00 p.m. for the hostel students during the week days and from 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. during the week ends except on working Saturdays. Only those who have been given the visitors pass will be allowed to see the girls in the hostel. The hostel girl students should not come to the college or go home on their own and they should be accompanied either by their parent or siblings or by any close relatives.

Identity Card

Every student will be provided with an ID card with his / her name and photo printed on it. All the students should wear the ID card when they are inside the campus and also while traveling in the bus. Students will be denied entry inside the campus without the ID card. The same ID card will also be used in the library to access the bar coding system while taking and returning books.

Internal/Periodical Tests

For each 20 student there will be a mentor who will closely monitor the academic performance of the students and will counsel them when they are found lacking motivation and guidance. The students can rely on them completely and can discuss personal problems if they are impediments to their study. The same counselor will be with the students till he / she completes the course to know them better. Self-Addressed & Stamped Envelopes: Four self-addressed & stamped envelopes for Rs. 10 each should be submitted with the mentors at the beginning of every semester. These covers will be used to send the Internal, Model and the University Exam marks to the parents.


Those students who are regularly irregular and fail to bring the over coat to the lab or the other things like calculator, note books, observation note, record note, ID card to the college more than twice will be noted and will be refrained from going to the labs. Any experiment done in a lab should be posted on the record note book and get it signed by the Lab-in-Charge on the same week before the student goes for next set of experiments/tasks failing which the students will not be entered into the lab. Students those who do not submit the assignments on time will have to stay back after 4.00 p.m. until 5.00 p.m. and complete the incomplete task and has to be verified by one of the staff. If a student has failed in 3 or more subjects in the Anna University exams, he / she has to bring his / her parent / guardian to meet the class- in- Charge, mentor and the HOD in order to discuss on the future actions to be taken to improve the level of the student. If a student comes late to the college, that student should meet the Principal and the HOD concerned before going to the class room.

Absence for the Internal Tests

The idea of retest is not at all encouraged since it mars the significance of the Internal Tests conducted. If a student is absent for any of the Internal Test / Model Test he/she has to attend a special class and submit an assignment. Remember there will be no retest unless the student has a genuine reason. No retest will be conducted without consulting the HOD concerned.

Industrial Visits & Tours

There will be at least one Industrial Visit for every student in one semester. The students are instructed to wear their ID card while going for the Industrial Visits. A 2-day tour will be arranged for the second year students, 3-day tour will be arranged for the pre-final year students and 5-day tour will be arranged for the final year students in the academic year.


Ragging, smoking, and drinking are strictly prohibited in the college and the hostel premises. Every student shall conduct him/herself in every respect to cause no disturbance to the work of the classes or to the fellow students. Any violation of this rule will result in suspension / dismissal from the hostel / college. Writing or scribbling on walls, furniture and classroom board is strictly prohibited. During the class hours students are forbidden from going to the canteen or loitering anywhere in the campus for reasons not valid. Students are not at all permitted to yell, hoot or whistle during the annual functions like the College Day, Hostel Day, Sports Day or during the Inter-Collegiate competitions and guest lectures. Long conversation with the opposite gender in the campus and during the Educational tour and during the Industrial Visit should be avoided.

Mobile Phones Banned

As per the instruction of the Anna University, the students are not permitted to use mobile phones inside the college campus. The mobile phones, Walk-man, and CD- man are banned for the students inside the college campus.


Students are directed to discard the wastes in the dustbins kept in the toilets, class rooms and canteen and directed to cooperate with the administration in keeping the college and the hostel campus neat and clean.