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Shri Rai Sahab Kanhaiya Lal Ji, Founder
Wg. Cdr. M.K. Garg (Retd.), Chairman
रुड़की नगर में शिक्षा के लिए तीन महत्वपूर्ण संस्थाएं हैं के. एल. डी. ए. वी इण्टर कालेज, के. एल. डी. ए.वी. (पी. जी.) कालेज और के. एल. पोलिटेक्निक इंस्टीट्यूट तीनो संस्थाओं के सामने एक नाम जुड़ा है कन्हैया लाल ! यह व्यक्ति और कोई नहीं, स्व. राय साहब कन्हैयालाल है जिन्होंने 1936 में कन्हैयालाल ट्रस्ट की स्थापना की और उसी के द्वारा ये तीनों संस्थाएं स्थापित हुई थी। कन्हैयालाल जी का जन्म श्री गणेशी लाल जी के घर जसौला, जिला मुजफ्फरनगर में सन् 1870 की कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी के दिन हुआ था, इसलिये उनका नाम कन्हैयालाल रखा गया। उनके पिता एक साधारण राजवंशी घराने से थे और रुड़की शहर में आकर ठेकेदारी करने लगे थे। श्री गणेशी लाल जी की मृत्यु तब हो गयी जब कन्हैयालाल जी मात्र 16 वर्ष के थे। Read More..
Wing Commander Mohit Kumar Garg is Great Grand Son of Rai Sahab Kanahiya Lal ji, founder of Kanahiya Lal Trust and its group of institutions, including Kanahiya Lal Polytechnic Roorkee. Wg Cdr MK Garg was born and brought up at Roorkee, he grew up at Ganesh Vatika, the home of the founder, of which KL Polytechnic is a part. After his graduation in Engineering, he joined the Aeronautical Engineering Branch of the Indian Air Force in the year 1990. Trained on Radar and Aircraft of western origin, he was posted to the frontline Air Defence units of the IAF, gaining valuable field experience in various capacities; he participated in Operation Vijay (Kargil war) in the year 1999. Read More..
Er. Y. K. Goel, Principal
The College
It is an honour to be the Principal of K.L. Polytechnic, Roorkee. Education, for us, is not a destination but a journey of discovery, of exploration, of introspection, of interrogation – a journey full of hope, promise and endless possibilities. We are looking at students, eager to learn and ready to take on any and every challenge. We offer a comprehensive academic curriculum which is supported by a system of instruction that is experiential and encourages students to be logical and analytical in thought.
vision Kanhaiya Lal Polytechnic was established 56 years ago , on 25th January, 1956 by the endless efforts of Shri Rai Sahab Kanhaiya Lal Ji. At the time of establishment, its name was Kanhaiya Lal Technical Institute (KTI) and only one course, Diploma in Civil Engineering was started. In 1963, it was upgraded as Kanhaiya Lal Polytechnic and two other courses, Three Years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Diploma in Electrical Engineering were introduced.
vision K.L. Polytechnic shall be a self reliant, leading, with right focus having highly competent and motivated faculty and wide resources, creating world class engineers oriented towards sustained learning and ready to accept socioeconomic challenges of industry and community.
visionThe mission of K.L. Polytechnic, Roorkee is to become a center of excellence, providing the highest quality education and training which meets the need of industries for well trained professionals, society for technological development of students for training and education.
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