Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering  
vision Seats Available
I Shift - 60, TFW - 3, PH - 6
Total Seats - 69

Electronics and Communication plays a key role in the growth and development of a nation. Our diploma course presents the core and basic understanding of the industry to the students so that they can have a firm foundation in electronics and communication. In this way we produce students which are ready to accept challenges of jobs as well as further advanced studies.

The department of electronics and communication is well equipped with labs providing students all experimental facilities. We take immense pride in our prolific team of faculty members who are always present with their endless support to the students. The syllabus is designed by our experts with great care after the thorough research of the industry. We believe in completeness of our distance education system.

"Electronics is the brain of Modern Technology". Even the computer is an electronic device. It is an evergreen subject that provides opportunities for technicians in following areas of Engineering like Maintenance & Service, Research Assistance, Production Control, Quality Control and Marketing.

The service of electronic technicians is required in companies like ISRO, DRDO, INTEL, IBM, Sony, Samsung, Philips NASA, National Electronics, and National Semiconductors. Diploma in Electronics also provides much choice of subjects for higher studies like Electronics, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Medical Electronics, and Computer Science.
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