Community Services  
vision Our mission is to support student engagement in meaningful community service work and leadership training that enhances the educational experience, meets community-identified needs, provides opportunities for reflection, models the development of effective, collaborative community partnerships with local nonprofit organizations and encourages a lifelong commitment to community engagement.

Our philosophy, which focuses on community service and social action, centers around building bridges among diverse groups of people and encouraging learning through community work.
While there is much debate about how to build a successful career, many believe getting into a good college or university is the first step.

Most people believe a college degree is necessary for attaining quality employment. College counselors can talk about the exact range of test scores and grade averages needed to be considered for each school until they’re blue in the face, but these folks don’t have the expertise when it comes to how social action and volunteering plays into the process. Parents who want their children on the right track for post-college employment should check it out, too.
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